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March, 2002 Palm of the Month!!

Sabal domingensis  Hispaniola Palmetto Palm

Sabaldomingensis.bmp Sabal domingensis is native to Hispaniola. It grows well in hot dry inland areas, as well as tropical climates. It can reach a height of 60 feet, so give it plenty of room, although it is slow growing and does not seem to mind cool winter temperatures.

Some Characteristics:

Hispaniola Palmetto Palm, Sabal domingensis


35-60' (10.6-18.2m)

Stout, heavy trunk; very large leaves.

Thrives on sandy soil.

Sabal2.bmp (502514 bytes)The Sabal domingensis is my favourite Sabal family palm, far and away, because it has a semi-gloss green trunk all the way to ground level, and the leaves are a massive waxy bluish-green.  It has, in my opinion, a much more "tropical" appearance, but is really as hardy as Sabal palmetto, Florida's state tree!  The trunk almost has a bamboo-like appearance; almost as if it was polished and Sabal3.bmp (390454 bytes)waxed by hand!  It is really a quite impressive sight, friends!

My first intimate contact with the Sabal domingensis, was at Miami, Florida's wonderful Fairchild Tropical Garden.  I was stopped in my tracks, and stared at this gorgeous palm with my mouth dropped wide open!  I thought:  this CAN'T be a Sabal.  No Way!!  But, friends, it was, and I was converted into a Sabal domingensis "fan" forever!  This palm can grow throughout Florida; along the Gulf Coast, and into Mexico, Cuba, and of course, Hispaniola, for which it is named.  

It is difficult to secure a palm of "mature" size here in Southern Florida, but I will quest for one prize Sabal4.bmp (720054 bytes)specimen of The Hispaniola Palmetto Palm sometime in 2002!

My love for this beautiful & exotic palm requires that it be named:

Palm of the Month for March, 2002!


Paul, "The Palm Doctor!"