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Palm of the Month for April, 2002

Pseudophoenix sargentii: "Buccaneer Palm"

Buccaneer3.bmp (94134 bytes)Buccaneerpalm1.bmp (409974 bytes)This native of the Florida Keys, (Zones 10 and 11), and surrounding Caribbean islands is one of the most durable palms for seaside landscaping and is also mostly pest-free and is also a palm with a very low watering requirement (once established!)  It can be considered a favourite for Zones 10 & 11 xeriscape gardens where one doesn't need to sacrifice a "tropical look" when rainfall is scarce, and supplemental watering isn't generally allowed.

The Buccaneer Palm (Pseudophoenix sargentii) probably would be utilized much more often if it were not for its very slow rate of growth.  Landscape-sized specimens are often very expensive, as a plant this slow-growing must be tended for 5 to 10 years at the nursery, before it is of a prominent selling/planting size.  Don't let that deter you, friends!  This is truly a "collectors' palm!"

Here are a few of Pseudophoenix' "stats":

Salt Tolerance: HIGHBuccaneerpalm2.bmp (119094 bytes)
Drought Tolerance: HIGH
Soil Requirements: ADAPTABLE
Light Requirements: Moderate to High
Nutritrional Requirements: LOW
Pest Problems: NONE
Habit: Usually a canopy of 10 or more fronds
Typical Florida Height: 10-12 feet
Growth Rate: Quite Slow
Trunk:  Gray-green with light brown rings
Foliage Colour: blue-green
Fruit Colour: Red
CrownShaft: Swollen, short blue-green in colour

This palm is a wonderfully formed, truly "stately" palm that is great for patio usage.  It is clean, elegant, and trouble-free.  Your Palm Doctor highly recommends the Pseudophoenix sargentii: Buccaneer Palm!  It is our April, 2002: Palm of the Month!

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