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Blue RibbonBlue_Ribbon.gif (2735 bytes) Palm of the Month:

Foxtail Palm: Wodyetia bifurcata

"CLASSIC ELEGANCE!!"  These two words are the best words to describe Our AUGUST choice for: thewisegardener.com's
choice for Blue Ribbon Palm-of-the-Month!  The Foxtail Palm, features many admirable qualities: relative freedom from mineral deficiencies, (except in South Florida where deficiencies are very common!), appropriate size for most "average sized" homescapes, relative cold tolerance, a clean crownshaft, and a very "formal" general shape, or form!!  These are all unequalled, in The Palm Doctor's opinion!

foxtail.gif (298736 bytes)The Foxtail Palm comes to the USA from the State of Queensland, Australia.  Its first relatives were a "rare" lot, indeed  (The first few hundred seeds sold for upwards of $5.00US apiece!!)  As the foxtail is rather fecund in its seed production, however, seed prices fell rock-hard and foxtail palm prices plummeted.  That was great news for North American Foxtail Palm lovers everywhere!

A Foxtail Palm will grow moderately rapidly to a mature height of 25 feet; it loves Florida's climate (ample moisture supply, as is found in its native Queensland.)  It is essentially a USDA Zone 9B through 11B specimen.   The Foxtail will take temperatures down to an occasional 27 degrees F. (-3 degrees C.)

For those of you palm fanciers who love the look of the Cuban, or Florida ROYAL PALM (to be featured later this year), the Foxtail Palm offers the same general shape, with a similar bulge in the center of its trunk, but unlike the Royal Palm, the Foxtail is NOT too large for most contemporary properties.

In order to establish your Foxtail Palm well, in its new home, in lieu of the kangaroos of the Australian State of Queensland, make sure that its planting site is enriched with organic/composted material and topsoil; keep well-watered for its first month "home" (every other day is great!), and fertilise, after the first month with a timed-release palm food with magesium & manganese sulfates (agricultural grade, please!)   You should notice a new spear emerging out of the crownshaft, and your Foxtail Palm should begin to establish itself rather well, indeed!  I can set up a regular treatment/fertilising regimen for you, that will assure your beautiful Foxtail Palms stay happy!  Call me at: (954) 249-6287 to set up a regular feeding program!  Call today so they'll look healthier next month!!

The Foxtail Palm has recently shown a propensity for harbouring palm borers.  If left untreated, this pest can cause the palms to decline.   Look on the trunk for what appears to be grayish "pins" sticking out perpendicularly to the trunk, and in advanced cases, a "weeping" of brownish sap streaking down on various places on the trunk.  A professional palm care specialist like myself should be called in the treat the palm with a systemic pesticide, and a concentrated nutritional drench.

The Foxtail Palm is an Australian-imported palm that features admirable attributes, widely endearing it to the Western Hemisphere's palm lovers and general public;  it is for those reasons, and my personal experiences with this species, that it is only natural the FOXTAIL PALM be chosen 

Blue Ribbon Palm for August! Thank You, palm lovers!   G'day, mates!!

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