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August, 2002 Palm Of The Month
Hurricane/Princess Palm

Dictyosperma album

dictyosperma1The first time I saw a magnificent Princess, or Hurricane Palm, and then, later, recognised it as a Dictyosperma album, I thought, my word, "what a true representation of tropical symmetry."  I was truly taken aback, as they say!  

Indeed, this USDA Zones 10B-11 and 12 (truly frost-free regions), palm fulfills so many design requirements that landscape architects consider essential.  Dictyosperma album grows no taller than 30 ft., which makes it perfected sized for today's sleek tropical home elevations.

The Hurricane Palm is self cleaning, so no ugly browned-out fronds to either "get used to" or remove from the trunk, via chainsaw, as with the Washingtonias!  What a tedious task, friends!

Its tolerability of many soil conditions makes it exceptionally adaptable, and it IS fairly drought tolerant to boot!

dictyosperma4The Dictyosperma album has no problem with typical palm tree pests like aphids, and its slender, symmetrical crown allows for good lawn growth under it.  A nice "plus" feature!

The Dictyosperma album: Princess or Hurricane Palm has a similar appearance to Archontophoenix alexandrae, but the individual fronds fold back to form an inverted "U".  Its common name it owes to its exceptional resistance to hurricane-force winds.  Its fronds' configuration and shape help in that regard a lot!

dictyosperma2This palm does not thrive in areas where there are constant drying winds (like in Arizona & So. California's Inland Empire), but CAN be successful even there with mini-mist evaporative coolers,  Also, if grown in the Desert Southwest USA, or inland Queensland, a semi-shaded location would be advisable!  In extreme Southern Florida, the Caribbean Basin, or Southeast Asia, full sun is just fine!

The Dictyosperma album, Hurricane or Princess Palm is truly a regal & elegant tropical landscaping palm that carries elegance and charm in any Zone 10B-12 garden.  It is a truly worthy winner of August, 2002's:
Palm of the Month!!

Paul, The Palm Doctor