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Cuban Royal Palm
Roystonea regia
September, 2000

This month's choice for Blue Ribbon Palm of the Month winner is the quintessential "signature" South Florida avenue, or boulevard palm: the Cuban Royal Palm! 

Cuban_Royal.gif (281743 bytes)Words that describe this palm are: stately, formal, elegant, regal, & tropical!  The Cuban Royal Palm is a native palm that all the tropical world wants to grow, and it is South Florida's very own!  Its native "habitat" is warm, moist, & rich Everglades muckland.  It hates to be planted where it must make do with rocky sub-soil that offers little, or no nutrition, and does not get almost constant moisture at its root zone.  When you see a healthy looking Cuban Royal Palm, chances are that it is well-watered, well fertilised, and planted in enriched organic-infused topsoil!!

The Cuban Royal Palm is a Zone 9B to 11B palm, meaning that it will be happy at minimum temperatures over 35 degrees F. (1 degree C.), but also must have warm to hot summertime temperatures to "look good!"  California coastal zones meet the winter minimum temperature requirements for Cuban Royals, but do not provide the summer heat required so roystoneas as a rule do not perform well here!   It is also generally too dry for Cuban Royals to look their "lushest" in the American West garden.

Cuban_Royal2.gif (70293 bytes)Great places to try growing Cuban Royal Palms, and expect a happy tree, are:  Queensland, AU, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Brazil, the entire Caribbean Basin, India, Hawaii, eastern coastal Mexico, i.e. the Yucatan Peninsula,  and the central west coast of Africa.  In these areas, all ingredients: heat, moisture, and freedom from winter's freezes will make the Cuban Royal Palm quite happy AND quite successful, indeed!

Expect your Cuban Royal Palm to attain a mature height of about 50 feet (16 metres), so placement considerations for FUTURE GROWTH, are mandatory!  Cuban Royal Palms easily dwarf a typical Florida-style ranch home, so if one wants to plant a roystonea regia, please plant your new Cuban Royal Palm behind the home in the yard, NOT in front of the house, near the building!!  That way, the now mature Cuban Royal Palm serves as a backdrop specimen, and adds stature to your property, in that it becomes a "skyline accent", or signature of height for your landscape!

Your palm will look elegant for many years to come; it is not unusual for your Cuban Royal Palm to be your beautiful companion for 50 years to come!   Enjoy its refined and understated TROPICAL ELEGANCE.

For SEPTEMBER, there could be no other winner, for your Wise Gardener to choose than the regal, stately and lovely: CUBAN ROYAL PALM:

The Blue Ribbon Palm of the Month!


Paul,"The Wise Gardener!"

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