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February's Palm of the Month!
Copernicia baileyana
Bailey's Palm

Copern1.gif (29663 bytes)For those Zone 10 & 11 Palm Lovers, and "specimen plant" gardeners who don't know the Copernicia baileyana, or know it but don't grow it, "The Wise Gardener!" says, "go get one!"

The Copernicia is a palm that lovers of "special plants" would easily adore!  It has a very slow growth rate, but every frond that emerges gets more character with its increasing size and overall mass!   Its "whorl" design is truly architectural in form, and adds symmetry to your yard!

copernicia.gif (25247 bytes)As long as ample feeding & water are provided, your Copernicia baileyana will reward you with a lifetime of fan-fronded drama!   It is a palm that will outlive its "parent" who plants it, but what a thrill knowing that it will be a prized palm for many subsequent owners on the property that you inhabit currently!  They will praise your "good taste" and foresight for having planted one NOW!!

Isn't that one of our motivations for planting the earth...to make the little "corner" of the world you inhabit, a bit nicer (less harsh) for many years to come?  You are creating a neighbourhood "icon" to be marvelled at for over 75 years!!

Copernsketch1.gif (230384 bytes)The Copernicia baileyana is native of Hispaniola, and Cuba and is not too easy to acquire as it isn't grown in large quantities, and its slow growth rate make it an "expensive" choice to purchase, if one hopes to acquire a specimen Copernicia of any "landscape size!"  So purchase one smaller, and watch the "miracle" of your Copernicia unfurling its fronds very dramatically, maybe only two or three per growing season, but each one more beautiful than the last!!

Grow a Copernicia baileyana, friends, if you live in an area where temperatures in winter stay above 2 degrees C, (39 degrees F.)   Your patience and foresight WILL be rewarded!  You are beautifying your environment, for certain!!


Paul,"The Wise Gardener!"