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The Palm of the Month for October, 2001

Caryota mitis
The Clustering Fishtail Palm!

Paul, "The Palm Doctor!" has culled through the profiles of many, many palm specimen candidates and cheerfully has decided,caryota_mitis.jpg ( after much consideration, that "The Clustering Fishtail Palm": (Caryota mitis), has won the much-coveted Palm of the Month Award for October, 2001!  Here's why, palm lovers!

The Fishtail Palm, which justifiably is a interior-scapers's mainstay palm for exotic & carefree tropical beauty, is even better outside in Zones 10B, 11, & 12!!  It features unusual leaf form, rapid, clustering growth, and a manageable height (15 M.) for the average tropical suburban home of today.

Young plants can readily be grown in containers, which effectively increases the Fishtail Palm's range of growth (keep this palm warmer than 4? C.) and enjoy outside all the way to Zone 8B most of the year!  The Fishtail Palm's (Caryota mitis) attributes are many, indeed.  Consider the following about this Southeast Asian native palm:

1.   Moderate drought tolerance (although this palm enjoys supplemental water!)
2.   Widely adaptable to most soils (acid or alkaline!)
3.   Variable light requirementsCaryota-sm.
4.   low to moderate nutritional requirements (easy to please!)
5.   Excellent screening palm (and not too tall!)
6.   Fabulous clustering habit!
7.   Relatively free of diseases
8.   Freedom from insect infestations!
9.   Propagates readily (usually within 4 months!)
10. Very distinctive unusual, tropical-looking foliage
11. Deep-green leaf colour (looks "rich" in texture and form!)
12. Can be grown indoors with only moderate, or average indoor   light conditions!
13. Finally, attractive dark red, tropical-looking fruit (in abundance!)

This palm is a palm that clearly "delivers" the tropical homeowner beauty, exotic foliage, a desirable clumping form, and hardiness within its appropriate growing zones!  I think that you'll be proud of your new Caryota mitis (Fishtail Palm) yard addition.  It's a palm Fishtail Palmyou will be proud to own, I am confident, palm lovers!

This palm is truly worthy of your "growing" consideration...I highly recommend the Caryota mitis, and hereby award it the October, 2001: Palm of the Month!

Paul, "The Palm Doctor!"